Providing a Bridge between lnnovative Technologies and Products for Our Age

To enhance advanced functions of digital devices, new technologies are developed day by day.Sato Shoji Corporation precisely meet the needs of clients by providing electronic industries with laminated board materials of printed circuit boards used in mobile phones and household appliances such as personal computers and digital cameras, sub-materials, equipment and machines related to manufacturing.
Hong Kong branch office provides business services to our clients not only Japanese-based clients, but also Japanese companies expanding operation overseas and local companies in countries including China, Taiwan and Korea.

Main line of products

Materials for Printed
Circuit Boards
Materials and
•Copper-clad laminates (Two-sided boards, Laminated materials, Flexible substrates LCP, etc.)
•Metal substrates, heat sinks (aluminium substrates / thick copper boards)
•Organic Solderability Preservative
•Resist ink
•Encapsulation materials (Sheet type, Liauid type)
•Mounting board, Unit
Sub-Materials •Dry film resist
•Stainless steel plate
•IVH mold-releasing film
•Dust removing roll
•Chemical Products
•Cushioning materials for rigit / flexible circuit boards
•Bakelite board and aluminium entry board
•Dust-proof, moisture resistant, heat-resistant transparent bags and aluminium bags
•Paper for Transport (preventive from)
Equipment •Etching devices for 40μ cores(for file pitch and fleible roll to roll)
•Copper chloride recycling plants(Copper recovery plant using etching waste liquid)
•End face dust removal devices
Semiconductor and
Liquid Crystal
•Tungsten Wire
•Mask Blanks
•Packing materials for semiconductors
Electronic Components •Capacitor
•Integrated Circuit
•Power module
Automotive Related •Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
•Resin material, Molded product
•Fan motor
•Copper foil for negative electrode material
•Chipping film
•Electromagnetic wave shield material
•Glass Mat reinforced Thermoplastics
•Sinterd parts
•Wireless charger for vehicle
•Coating agent
Other •Cupper Wires
•Custom power supply
•Various Resins
•Touch Panel Production Equipment
•Resin of limestone origin
•Lithium Ion Battery, Storage battery
•Ultra fine bubble generator
•Processing compaund service
•Professional Tablet
•Payment Terminal for Cashless

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