We offer a lifestyle based on design

We offer goods such as "Martian," our original brand of high-quality Western crockery and cutlery, precious metals and accessories, and corporate sales such as commercial goods including tableware and kitchen goods for the domestic and international hospitality industry and give-away goods for corporate sales promotions.
We are active in numerous aspects of the industry and handle the Danish-designed Scandinavian tableware "DANSK" or works designed by a representative Japanese designer "Sori Yanagi" who is a Person of Cultural Merit.

Sales and manufacture of original “Martian” goods

Martian Brand

Sales of “DANSK” goods affording a Danish Scandinavian style

Sales of Sori Yanagi designed goods, which are noted for ease of use

Sori Yanagi

Sales of basic and select jewelry and jewelry goods

Precious Metals

Import/export in addition to sales and manufacturing of commercial goods such as tableware for the hospitality industry and in-flight crockery and cutlery

Commercial Goods