“Iron and Steel” will retain a leading role throughout the 21st century

We handle sales of normal steel (hot-rolled steel sheet, acid-washed steel sheet, cold-rolled steel sheet, surface processed steel, bar steel, Steel bars in Shape, etc.), speciality steel (structural carbon steel, structural alloy steel, tool steel, etc.) and construction materials and machinery parts mainly for the industries including the automobiles, construction machinery, bridge building, construction, electrical machinery, ship building and molds.
We provide dynamic services to leading Japanese companies in addition to developing a closely-knit regional network based on nationwide branches from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
Additionally, our domestic departments and our overseas offices deal with growing demand in overseas markets.

Main line of products

Steel Sheet Normal
Steel Sheet
Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheet, Various types of surface processed steel sheet and other products
Steel Sheet
High-carbon steel, High-tensile steel, Abrasion-resistant steel, Weather-resistant steel,
Sulfuric-acid resistant steel, Boiler steel, Stainless steel and other products
Bar Steel Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Tempered/Microalloyed steel, Tool steel, Bearing steel,
Cast iron, Stainless steel and normal steel
Wire Rods Normal wire rods, Various types of plating wire rods and cold-forging steel wire rods
Section Steel Normal structural section steel, Construction section steel and other products
Steel Pipes Various types of electric resistance welded tubes/seamless pipes, Roll-Formed steel pipe and other products
Processed Products Powdered sintered products, Forged products, Fused products, Molded processed products,
Forging molds, Resin molds and other processed products
Building Materials Various types of construction and engineering steel materials (H-steel sections, Deformed bar steel,
Heavy medium plate, Column, Steel sheet pile, etc.), Various types of deck plates,
Sheet iron/sheet iron construction products, Various types of wire rods, LB mats and other products