Factory automation advisory services to reinforcing manufacturing operations

Sato Shoji Corporation, which has developed from handling materials to handling processed products, has advanced its business into a "machinery for processing materials".
In addition to proposing machinery, cutting tools, forking machinery, and automatic systems, we also propose a total solution for productivity improvement and provide services that meet the needs of our customers.

Main line of products

Machine tools

NC lathes, Machining centers, Specialized machines, Multitasking machines, Milling machines, Grinding machine, Hobbing machines, Broaching machines, Rolling machines, Electric discharge machines

Forging machine

Presses, Laser machines, Press brakes, Circular sawing machine, Band saw machines, Billet shears


Robot system, Gantry loader

Various machines

Straightening machine, Environmental machine, Measuring machine, Assembly machine, Heat treatment furnace, Automatic warehouse, Washing machine, Die Casting machine, Shot blasting, Painting booth

Cutting tool

Drills, Reamers, End mills, Hobs, Shaving cutters, Broaches, Grinding wheels


Jig, Maintenance, Modification, Overhaul, Retrofiting, and Used machinery sales and purchases