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At Sato Shoji Corporation, our operations extend from handling raw materials to handling processed goods and have evolved up to "machinery for processing raw materials."
We provide proposals for comprehensive factory automation in addition to work tools, grinding wheels, grinding tools and machine tools including lathes, milling machinery, grinding machinery and machining centers, and provide services responding to our customer's needs.


Main line of products

Machining Tools A wide range of machining tools including NC lathes, Machining centers, Special machining machinery, Compound processing machinery, Milling machinery, Grinding tools, Hobbing machinery, Broaching machinery and thread rolling machinery
Various Types of Equipment and Devices A wide range of equipment including electrical discharge machinery, Various types of presses, Automatic distortion removal tools, Automated equipment, Environmental equipment, Measurement equipment, Assembly equipment, Heating furnaces, Gantry loaders, Automated warehouses, NC washing equipment and die casting machinery
Imported Machinery Sales and Maintenance
Gear Cutting Tools A range of tools including Hobbing, Shaving and broaching tools
Grinding Tools A range of tools including drilling, Reaming and end milling tools
Grinding Wheels A range of wheels including general wheels, CBN wheels and diamond wheels
Measurement Equipment A range of measurement equipment including three-dimensional measurement equipment, Texture measuring equipment and roundness measurement equipment
Other A range of other products including jig preparation, Maintenance, Overhauling, retrofitting and used machinery